Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Bank Robbers

I was playing a lot of Payday 2 over the summer and had the urge to do a scene inspired from that game for my first illustration project. It was a pretty ambitious project that I definitely learned a lot from by trying out some new techniques.

Thumbnails. Chose #5 because I wanted to tackle something new, an interior with lots of figures.
I used some of my blender skills that I developed over the summer to create a 3D block mesh to paint over.

Lots of Figure Drawing

So this semester I'm taking 2 figure drawing classes, and already almost to the halfway mark I've burned through hundreds of sheets of paper (I filled up a large newsprint pad, using both sides of the page, in the first week). One class is very traditional in it's approach by focusing on correct drawing and proportion and the other is more expressive and experimental. I'm just putting up some of my favorites that I did.