Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Final Projects

Here's all my final projects from this semester. I'll start off with my academic drawings from figure class. 
We spent about 2 weeks in class drawing this one pose. It's still not quite finished but I think it turned out alright and I felt like I learned a lot spending the time to be precise in my drawing and rendering.

Above is a self portrait rendered in the same technique as the figure. While I was creating it I remembered doing another self portrait exactly 2 years ago and when I compared them I could see how much I progressed. It was quite remarkable.

My invented animal for drawing class which spent a week at the zoo down the road from Ringling drawing animals from life. We were then asked to combine some of the animals we saw at the zoo into one creature. I created this one from an aracari toucan, iguana, and python. Also my first time using colored pencils to render.

 The final product of my 3D project. I posted the concepts earlier here which I chose to create this futuristic-monk who has managed to summon a portal to the knowledge of the universe in his closet. I had a fun time building the environment and soldering together all the lights. Below is a final slightly photoshopped photo illustration.